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Well right off the bat, when taking a trip to the massage therapist or spa you’re putting yourself in a location away from the negative influences of home and work that stress you out and stop you from being totally at ease. This also may be the first major factor in the difference between a professional massage and say, one from your partner, of course, it’s probably not as big of a contributor as the massage therapists skills unless your partner has also been trained and certified. But by putting yourself in a place away from all the stress and tension in your life that is supportive of your relaxation, you find it that much easier to actually let your mind relax and focus on the here and now wonders of the massage therapy experience that you are currently in.

The clean and present environment also contributes to this, your mind can gloss over the feeling of the massage table and fabrics against your skin, to the scents of what aromatherapy your massage therapist might be employing as well as the relaxing sounds of the environment. Most massage therapy locations are tailored to help your mind be at ease just as well as your body.

That’s All Fine And Good, But What About The Massage?

Well, all that setting gets your mind primed and writhing in anticipation for what comes next. As soon as the massage therapists hands make contact with your skin, your brain will be signalled to begin sending out endorphins which are your body's natural feel-good chemicals that boost your mood and give what many would call a “natural high” that is associated with any task that makes one feel highly satisfied and at peace. This release of endorphins is also connected to the reduction of adrenaline and cortisol which are the main two chemicals responsible for one feeling stressed in life, cortisol especially so when you are feeling stressed day after day, week after week as it is linked to long term complications with your health in relation to stress.

On the topic of relief of long term stressors, massage actually does help the body recover from aches and pains from activity as the touching of the muscles actually stimulates blood flow through the affected areas and help the body dispose of waste products in the muscle tissue that cause soreness and stiffness after a hard day’s workout. The endorphins will also have a pain killer like effect on those chronic muscle and joint pains making it so much easier to relax and enjoy the massage as all your pains melt away.

But the key chemical component to what makes a massage so relaxing is the release of serotonin throughout the whole process. Being in a warm and welcoming environment: serotonin. Being safe and feeling like you don’t have anything to worry about, serotonin. Laying down and letting someone go to town making your muscles feel great, oh yeah, that’s a lot of serotonin. This chemical is responsible for a lot of feelings, but most important here is that it helps you feel calm and relaxed. The entire environment promotes the brain to produce this chemical and let you just melt away into the massage table and enjoy a little slice of heaven without having to even really leave earth.

Afterward, you’re left feeling relaxed, pain-free and as nimble as ever due to a combination of natural chemicals released from your brain and physical changes caused by the massage loosening up muscles, removing waste and working out knots. Your relaxed state doesn’t just end when you get up from the table, the chemicals still circulating through your system and the pains removed from your body tag team up to help you feel overall better and more relaxed for the rest of the day. This allows you to take on physical and mental challenges all the better as you’ve removed all those stressors that have left you thinking and feeling less certain and allow you to see and feel the here and now with less worry.

When you’re ready to experience this relaxation for yourself, our special introductory massage package is a great way to get started. 

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