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Rolfing is a form of bodywork that focuses on the connective tissues that stretch throughout the entire human body. It uses a combination of practiced movements and deep tissue massage to help correct posture, relieve chronic pain, resolve discomforts and provide energy by making your body more efficient at moving.

The name of Rolfing comes from its founder Dr. Ida Rolf who originally coined it as Structural Integration. Most people in the modern days just call it Rolfing or Rolfing SI.

What Are The Benefits Of Rolfing?

Rolfing is a form of therapeutic bodywork that stretches out connective tissue throughout the body and helps organize everything into efficient and comfortable forms to prevent chronic aches and pains. Rolfing is great for alleviating chronic pain and stress by helping your posture sit properly to minimize the inflicted by poor posture. Also due to the increase in body and muscle efficiency through rolfing it is ideal for athletes seeking to get an edge on the opposition and to just perform their best without the pain and stress caused by poor posture and muscle inefficiency.

Rolfing aims to correct these chronic pain-causing problems so that you can live a happier painless life after a few good sessions of Rolfing SI.

What is a Rolfing Session?

Rolfing SI is typically broken up into a treatment plan of 10 sessions. The structure of these sessions can vary based on the needs of the person being treated but the general trend is:

  • The first 3 sessions are called the “Sleeve” as they focus mostly on surface layers of tissue but do move into working on correcting and loosening up basic posture as well as improving breathing. This stage is wrapped up with a side view assessment and focusing on addressing spinal posture now that the legs and hips should already be properly in place.
  • Sessions 4-7 are known as the “Core” of the series and is comprised of deep tissue massages with each session working progressively upwards from the feet.
  • Sessions 8-10 are known as “Integration” as they work on extending previous progress made in rolfing and incorporating different areas to seamlessly aid each other for efficient movement. These sessions are essential in that they work on the body as a whole rather than treating targeted locations meaning these are the sessions that will actually finalize the corrective posture aspect of rolfing.

How Long Does It Take For Rolfing To Work?

Depending on your needs you will feel the benefits at rolfing at various stages of the 10 step process. However, some benefits should be relatively immediate even after just the first couple of sessions and that is you should feel more comfort in walking and sitting as well as stronger more relaxed breathing which can contribute to feeling more energized as well as relaxed. Afterward, you may not gain further benefits until the end of the process depending on how much needs to be finalized and incorporated and how much your posture needed correcting.

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