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Well, the first part to explaining that would start with the Sciatic Nerve. The sciatic nerve is a long nerve chain that starts around your hip and lower back and leads all the way down to your feet. Sciatic nerve pain will also typically start around the base of this nerve root and follow the length down over time. Sciatic nerve pain is a symptom typically caused by the muscles in your lower back pinching the nerve or by another form of irritants that can be the result of long term conditions, bad posture, or hip damage.

Pain or irritation caused by the sciatic nerve can vary based on the exact cause. In some cases, it may be a throbbing pain in the foot that can be quite agonizing. Sometimes it takes the form of a burning sensation traveling down your legs which can cause quite a bit of alarm. Minor cases will often start at the base of the nerve though before leading into the more severe symptoms mentioned above.

Not all sciatic nerve pain can truly be treated by a massage and may require more invasive procedures to eliminate in the long term. But all sciatic pain can at the very least be relieved by the release of endorphins that will lessen the pain felt in the sciatic nerve and help life feel a little more tolerable. Many cases resulting from posture or muscle pinching can, however, be completely relieved by specialty massage therapists trained in dealing with patients suffering from sciatic nerve pain.

So you’ve identified if you are currently suffering from sciatic pain or not, what’s next?

If your pain isn’t severe you may want to just try out a nice spa day seeking out a good Swedish massage or sciatic nerve massage specialist to address the problem. A good massage can do a lot of good without having to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

You can find plenty of massage options online through a quick google search, but if you are worried about qualified therapists then you may want to look through the American Massage Therapy Association for a list of qualified therapists which will save you from the less qualified people that you could find through google that may not even be legally qualified to perform massage therapy.

If your pain is severe you should contact your doctor who can help you formulate a plan for rehabilitation or guide you to an appropriate specialist in neuromuscular therapy to help treat the pain of your sciatic nerve.


A good massage chair can be expensive but can provide a convenient means of releasing endorphins and loosening up your lower back muscles to lessen the pinching of your sciatic nerve. There are also plenty of guides online to self-performing massages that can help in some cases.

For further information, you can view the following interview with a massage specialist answering questions about sciatic nerve pain and treatment:

Good luck with the hunt for relief.

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