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Mindfulness has been a growing trend as more and more people catch on to the positive, life-changing benefits that come with the mental exercise of mindful meditation. Meditation has been studied by major schools, such as Harvard, with the intent of documenting its stress-fighting abilities when compared to other more standard means of alleviating stress


It turns out that a little bit of focused thinking actually can do a lot for your overall mental health and can work better and faster than other techniques practiced in order to deal with stress and anxiety.


So What is Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation?


Above all else, mindfulness is an awareness of the flow of your own thought processes. By taking the time to relax and root out all the distractions in your mind to become aware of your sensations, you can pull yourself away from vicious thought circles lamenting the past or dreading the future.


This is, of course, a way to break our mind out of wasting energy and stress on non-productive thoughts. It can also help by distancing us from future events that may be causing stress and give us the chance to restructure how we think about an event in order to be more productive in how you are going to keep your life moving forward.


Also by disengaging from the world outside of yourself, you can snap out of work mode and take a moment to properly relax, and just exist in your body with a better awareness of your surroundings and appreciation for your existence. This is a powerful mode of helping our bodies de-stress and relax, which we all need to do every once in a while. Modern-day living is rife with troubles that keep our mind hopping from problem to problem. A little quiet time without the constant input and demand for solutions from the world is just what the doctor ordered.


What Can Mindfulness Help With?


Mindfulness has been practiced for quite some time to deal with stress, but it has other benefits that make it appealing to a growing range of people around the world. Next to stress, mindfulness can help deal with anxiety and depression.  By lowering these constant mental stimulants, you actually improve both your physical and mental health with the coinciding reduction of illnesses such as heart disease.


The focus on inner perception is also able to alert us more readily if there is a minor ache or pain in the body that may need to be medically examined. Even if you don’t feel like you have the time to deal with an ache somewhere, it’s best to listen to our bodies’ complaints. 


Mindfulness also improves other qualities such as helping the brain develop a better and more keen memory. It also offers a new and improved method for approaching problems so that you can handle them with less stress and a more concrete plan in mind. Additionally, mindfulness can also improve your interpersonal relations as you are more aware of the energy you put out towards others and more mindful of how what you say can affect those around you.


De-stressing Through Massage


If meditation and mindfulness don’t fully help you relax, or if you have aches and pains that make de-stressing more difficult than it should be, Modoma is here to help. With our special introductory massage package, we can get your path to lowering stress kicked off while saving you cash at the same time. Contact us today to learn more. 

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