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Our Top 5 Favorite Water Bottles for the Person-on-the-Go

You know you need to drink plenty of water during the day, but actually doing so can feel like a chore. Maybe water isn’t available when and where you need it, yet you also want to minimize or avoid buying water in throw-away plastic bottles that harm the environment. If you want to take your water with you though, standard water bottles may not fit in your cup holder, or may leak in your bag or backpack. And plain tap water, whether you take it with you or get it wherever you happen to be, can taste bad or be boring.

Fortunately, there's a lot of ingenuity going into developing water bottles that make getting hydrated easy, convenient and fun. Here are our top five water bottles for people on the go:

1: Fruit-infused water bottle

If you're tired of drinking plain water, but don't like the sugar load of sports drinks, one common solution is to put fruit in a pitcher of water and chill it in the fridge. Presto: fruit-infused water. You can also do the same in a bottle to take with you when you rush out the door. Fruit-infused water bottles contain separate chambers for fruits that let them flavor the water, but keeps them from clogging the drinking outlet. Great Gear has a great line of them.

2: Water bottle with built-in filter

Faucet filters can improve the taste of tap water by removing chlorine, or whatever else is in the water. You can get the same benefits from water bottles with similar filters. This is especially important when you're out and about using water from unknown sources. Unsurprisingly, the makers of traditional faucet filters are also leaders in the development of filter bottles. We especially like Brita's products such as its Sport Bottle, a squeezable filter bottle with a bargain price to boot.

3: Flexible water bottles and collapsible water pouches

Conventional rigid water bottles are inconvenient in a lot of ways. They're heavy, you have to lug them around even after they're empty, and they don't always fit in the space you have available. (You also can't take them through airport security screening if they're full). Attractive alternativesare flexible water bottles and collapsible water pouches. They fit in any size cup holder or bag, you can fold them when empty so they take up almost no space, and you can bring them through airport security empty and fill them up afterward. What's not to like? Some great choices are available from Vapur, Hydrapakand Liquitainer.

4: Ready-to-go reusable water bottles

Rushing to get out the door in the morning can he hectic. Filling a water bottle with the right liquid so you can stay hydrated is just one more thing to do every day. Why not get a set of reusable bottles, one for each day of the week? Prepare them before the week starts, and grab one each day as you leave. It's one less thing to do on the way out the door. Some of our favorites are the basic models sold by Camelbak, makers of the famous backpack-style water carriers.

5: Clickable water bottle with leak guard

Any liquid in a bottle will try to get out – it's just the nature of things. And too often, when water gets out of a bottle, it ends up in your bag or on a seat. But if you want to take your water with you, putting it in your bag or pack is the most convenient way to do so. It's also the most worrisome if the bottle leaks. Relieve your worries with a bottle featuring leak protection and a clickable top. It lets you carry your hydration worry-free. We really like some of the ones made by Embrava.

While it's great to plan ahead of time to take care of your daily hydration needs, it makes just as much sense to be proactive about enhancing your health and taking care of yourself, by scheduling a massage at the end of the day or week.

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