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Either way you go, an appointment with a chiropractor or a session with a massage therapist, there is no doubt you’ll be leaving feeling better than you came. Of course, both of these practices have wonderful effects for dealing with chronic pain and stiffness, but what few people know is that the two in tandem are a match made in spa-day heaven.

On one hand, you have the gentle and focused methods of chiropractic adjustments that fix misaligned joints throughout the body but most especially along the spinal column allowing better blood flow, reducing chronic pains brought on by poor posture and allowing your nervous system to operate unimpeded by inflammation caused by poor joint alignment. Many people even talk about how they feel immediately better after a session where their back pain is gone, they feel flexible and strong and well balanced.

On the other hand, you have the various techniques employed by massage therapy to target and relieve inflamed or damaged muscle and tendon groups. Just the act of receiving a massage releases chemicals in our body that reduce our feeling of pain and make us feel content, but the massage also helps loosen and relax the muscles, which is actually a great prep work to do before a chiropractic alignment.

In fact, many chiropractic facilities have on-hand massage therapists that are there to get the muscles and tendons in a patient's back loosened up and relaxed to make the chiropractor's job easier and even more so effective. The relaxed muscles make it easier to set the joints into proper alignment and it’s easier for your body to heal when your muscle groups are loose meaning that not only is the alignment easier, but it will take hold faster and last even longer. This means that chiropractic alignments benefit directly from having a massage session in tandem, but that’s not all the good you get from having both!

Each of these therapies focus their magic onto a different set of parts along our body and relieve different sources of pain and stiffness. To have both allows us to cure both sources of these mechanical ailments. But the optimization of having both together allows your body to function naturally better with your muscles not having to communicate through inflamed nerves and a misaligned and inflamed spine. So not only will you feel better, your body will be able to better equipped for coordination and reactions. Of course, another obvious benefit is that all this loosening and aligning also will combine to allow you easier and less painful flexibility and range of motion which is great for segueing this self-care day straight into yoga.

Another tandem benefit of having both together is that muscles will heal faster when they’re attached to properly aligned joints. So if you pulled or tore something while out exercising it’s a good idea to have both chiropractic and massage therapy in your rehabilitation schedule.

If your chiropractor has suggested massage therapy in combination with your chiropractic care, you have any questions, or you would like to set up an appointment for a Modoma massage, contact us now.

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