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Integrated personal training — analytics-based, results driven, one-on-one training guaranteed to get you in peak physical condition. Claim Your 6 Week Fitness Challenge


Integrated personal training — analytics-based, results driven, one-on-one training guaranteed to get you in peak physical condition. Claim Your 6 Week Fitness Challenge

Evidence-Based Personal Training

Integrated PT is a two-tiered approach to fitness, combining a brief but thorough Discovery Session with science-based personal training the only way to safely and efficiently optimize your health.

Discovery Session

A comprehensive assessment (the first step in the Modoma Integrated Framework) overseen by a licensed medical professional to determine your baseline health and fitness levels. Your results are used to personalize your training.

Integrated Personal Training

Cardiovascular and biomechanically-sound strength and endurance training overseen by a certified trainer. We continuously track your progress and compare results to the baseline statistics gathered from your Discovery Session.

The Integrated PT Structure

Integrated Personal Training consists of multiple 60-minute personal training sessions. Each 60-minute session is broken down into three phases to provide a complete and well-rounded workout:

Phase 1: Foundational Movements

A multi-joint protocol to initiate a metabolic warm-up, enhance blood flow, increase body temperatures and aid in greater mobility. Phase one is designed to kick-start the session to ensure fast and efficient results.

Phase 2: Core & Mobility Exercises

Specific protocols designed around our unique methodology of working the body from the inside out. Improve and strengthen significant joints and muscle groups to enhance your mobility, provide pain–free movement and accelerate your performance.

Phase 3: Metabolic Conditioning

Flexibility movements designed to decrease the intensity and return the body to optimized functionality. Implemented and assessed using FitMetrix to display your heart-rate ranges and calories burned during the workouts.

It’s Time To Lose Weight & Get In Shape

One-on-one personal training sessions are the easiest way to lose weight and get in shape. Not only are they fun, but you’ll be motivated by others who share the same goals. Find out for yourself, risk-free, and sign up for 2 FREE sessions today!

The Profound Effects Integrated PT Will Have On Your Life

Sustainable Weight Loss

Increased Strength

Improved Endurance

Increased Stamina

Better Sense of Well-Being

Improved Mood & Self-Esteem

Enhanced Positive Outlook On Life

Increased Intrinsic Motivation

Elevated Energy Levels

Improved Sleep

Memberships Available

If you're serious about optimizing your health, it's going to take a series of training sessions to reach peak performance.

With medical and non-medical fitness memberships, we make it easy, efficient and affordable for you to achieve the maximum amount of improvement in the least amount of time.

We Accept Insurance

Taking care of your health shouldn’t be stressful. To help with the cost of care, we accept insurance. Use the button below to see if you qualify.

Andrea B.

“After more than a decade with hip pain and IT band pain, I can finally say I’ve found something that actually works!”

– Andrea B.

Michelle C.

“My neck and shoulders feel so much better. I just wish I would have come here before I had shoulder surgery because I think my pain could have taken care of without surgery.”

– Michelle C.

Mike D.

“I got the sports massage and the therapist was very informative as she demonstrated the at-home stretches to do between massage appointments. I have noticed a huge difference in my range of motion!”

– Mike D.

Poor Posture? Dealing With Constant Back Pain?

Download "8 Stretches to Improve Your Posture and Relieve Back Pain" — eight simple stretches you can perform everyday, anywhere, to help you stand up straight ... without the pain or discomfort.

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