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sports massage recovery

For those who compete regularly in athletic events, a sports massage can offer an incredible way to help the body recover after such vigorous physical activity. But while there are a number of benefits of a receiving a sports massage from a certified sports massage therapist, there are a few things you will want to do during the day or two following one of these massages to make sure those benefits last as long as possible after receiving one.

Drink Only Water

Anyone who has ever received a massage has heard their masseuse tell them to stay hydrated for the rest of the day. While they normally tell their clients to drink water, those who receive a sports massage should drink water and only water. You see, after a massage, your circulation is in an improved state, and the toxins from other beverages (even something that might seem as innocuous as tea) will be able to more easily work their way into your system.

That is doubly true after a sports massage, which increases that circulation to even deeper tissues like your joints and muscles. The healthy nutrients and oxygen that come with drinking water will be able to better penetrate the tissues in your body than normal and will help carry out the bad stuff and more quickly repair the small tears that occur in your muscles after a competitive event.

Sarah goes over the importance of hydration in this video.

Relax and Make Some Time for Yourself

After receiving a sports massage at Modoma, you’re going to feel calm as you walk out the door and make your way home, and you should try to extend that feeling of calmness for as long as possible. You’re going to receive a number of signals from your body, including more hunger as discussed below, and you should act on them.

One of the things you’ll likely notice is that you’ll feel a bit sleepier than normal. If you do, take a nap if possible. Sports massages can work particularly deep into your muscles and connective tissues – that sleepiness is a sign that your body wants to recover, and it’s best at doing that while you stretch out on your couch and stream an old show you’ve seen a thousand times so you can doze off without being worried you’ll miss anything. At least that’s how we prefer to relax after a good massage.

Taking all of this into consideration, we would be remiss not to say that intense physical activity the day or two after a sports massage is not recommended. In fact, since your muscles will be in a stretched, more-relaxed state, you could end up hurting yourself if you do anything too intense, which could even include your normal workout routine. Just do what you can to chill out at home and take your body’s cues seriously.

Eat Small, Healthy Snacks and Meals

Since, as mentioned before, a good massage will speed up your circulatory system, your body is going to operate more efficiently than normal – even some of your biological systems you may have never thought about like your stomach and digestive tract.

That being said, your stomach is going to process food noticeably quicker than normal, and your circulatory system will carry your food’s nutrients – and toxins – to your other organs and systems that much quicker. Because of this, bring a healthy snack with you to munch on after your sports massage – a combination of fruits and vegetables will offer the most benefit, but anything that isn’t laden with grease, heavy sugar content, or chemical preservatives is infinitely better than hitting up a fast food joint after the session.

Contact Modoma Today to Schedule a Sports Massage

If you have a sporting event coming soon and you want to get your body as limber as possible, a sports massage will help make strides toward your goal – just make sure to have at least a full day to relax before the event itself. Likewise, sports massages are an excellent way to help your body recover fully after a tough, competitive game or series.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment with a certified sports masseuse to help your body feel great and work more efficiently.

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