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The Secrets of a Stress-Free Parent

Being an effective parent starts with taking care of yourself first. If you're not physically and emotionally in tip-top shape, you can't care as well for your family. But making sure you're functioning at 100 percent is easier said than done. It's too easy to get caught up in being a mom: making dinner, running to practice, picking kids up after school, working on projects – not to mention the shopping, cleaning, and laundry you need to do. With so much competing for your attention, it might seem there's no time to take care of your own needs. But in fact, you can do some things to both set a good example for your family and feel more energized. Here are some things parents who manage stress well do:

1: Exercising

The benefits of exercise are well known: it releases endorphins, helps us think more clearly, increases energy and reduces stress. On first glance, it seems that finding the time to exercise is a major obstacle. But if you do find a way to exercise, you'll have more energy during the day. That will help you get things done faster and better. And that, in turn, could give you more time rather than less.

2: Getting a full night's sleep

Being tired is another thing that slows you down. If you get enough sleep, you'll function better all day. So instead of trying to pack in a few more tasks at night, get to bed when you need to. You'll be more productive, and get more done the next day.

3: Decompress doing something you love

Set aside time for a hobby that fell to the wayside because you thought you needed that time for other things. Actually taking the time for that hobby will pay dividends. It'll make you a happier person and a more effective parent. When you are calmer, happier and more relaxed, you are able to make better decisions and everyone around you will benefit.

4: Make time for friends

Being with people you like reminds you that your problems are not exclusive. Everyone is struggling, but it's still possible to have fun. Seeing that puts things in perspective, and helps you get through when life seems overwhelming.

5: Get a massage

The benefits of massage include relaxation, stress relief and enhanced enjoyment of life. A massage is something to look forward to when the days get hectic.

Ultimately, it's helpful to remind yourself that a massage is not a luxury. When it helps you manage stress and get through an overly busy schedule, it may be a near-necessity. To start your path to sustained wellness, schedule a massage and learn how it can benefit you.

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