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2020 is finally here, and with the New Year, a good chunk of the population will set goals for themselves that we have come to call “New Year's Resolutions”. While some people will be able to better their lives through these resolutions, the vast majority of us ( 80%-90%) do not to meet our goals or end up dropping our resolutions altogether. The resolutions that typically fail always have a few things in common. Either there is too much sudden change, they are too vague, things happen that are out of our control, or goals are not well enough planned.

The ‘Losing Weight’ Resolution…

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions, by far, is a desire to lose weight or to get into better shape. The biggest issue with this resolution is how vague it is and that there is no plan behind it. 

There are plenty of ways to lose weight, like getting into a fitness program and eating better. However, the resolution itself has no planning behind it, so many people will give up without even starting. Losing weight requires a big lifestyle change, and this can stop people from being able to achieve their goals.  

Quitting an Addiction

Another common New Year’s resolution, also requiring a massive lifestyle change, is trying to quit an addiction. From alcohol to smoking, many people will try to make a resolution to break free of their addiction. Often this is a very significant lifestyle change that will take a lot of planning that a New Year’s resolution doesn’t typically carry with it. Quitting an addiction is too much of a change for most people to make suddenly just because of a new year arriving.

Resolutions You Have No Control Over

People also have a habit of setting a completely unrealistic resolution for themselves. With these, the resolution is basically out of their control. This occurs with ideas like being less stressed or being more content with their lives. 

Most people can’t just decide to be happier, or to feel less stress because their unhappiness and stress come from factors that they can’t directly control; this often makes people inevitably fail at the goal since no matter how hard they try, they will just have no control over external factors that are often a necessary part of their lives. 

This Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Succeed

Despite failing at New Year’s resolutions being extremely common, you can still succeed at what you want to accomplish. You just need to make sure that your goals are under your control, the goal is precise in focus, you have created a plan on how you will succeed, and what you want to accomplish is not too much of a change. Make sure you know exactly how you plan to succeed and that you’re picking reasonable goals. 

For those of you who have a New Year’s resolution to spend 2020 more relaxed, our special introductory massage package offers an excellent way to get the most out of your massage sessions while having a direct path to achieving that goal. 

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