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massage relieves backpain

You probably know that a lot of everyday activities can cause back pain. One of the most common is just sitting at a desk. But many other actions—bending over to lift kids or groceries, leaning over a sink, or just sitting slumped in your car while you drive—can be just as bad. Not to mention the effects of poor posture that come simply from the stress of everyday life. But did you know that massage can do a lot to help relieve back pain? Here's how it works.

Can Massage Relieve Back Pain?

1. Massage can increase the mobility of your tailbone, which increases your overall flexibility. Greater flexibility relieves back pain caused by tight muscles. A side benefit: having muscles that are more relaxed might even improve your sleep!

2. Massage can alleviate muscle spasms. These involuntary movements of the back muscles have different causes. But whatever their cause, they can create or worsen back pain. Massage can relax the misbehaving muscles and stop the spasms; this helps lessen the pain or may get rid of it altogether.

3. Massage increases circulation. Massage allows more oxygenated blood into your muscles. Without enough oxygen, of course, muscles eventually stop working. With more oxygen, they function better which also means you’ll experience less pain.

4. Regular massages help your mind and body to relax. We've all experienced times when we feel totally relaxed, physically and mentally, with the two modes of relaxation enhancing the other. This enhanced state of relaxation happens more often when we're on vacation with nothing urgent to do. Massage brings you to that same state of relaxation without having to book a tropical hotel. And a relaxed body relieves the back pain caused by tight muscles.

The main point to keep in mind is that taking care of your physical health is good for your mind and total-body well being. Massage is a proven way to keep mind and body in optimal shape. For the sake of your health, call us at (972) 861-1143 and schedule your next massage today.

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