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Pain is an indication that a person is in distress or running out of energy. It acts like a signal, telling the person they need to rest or refuel so they can maintain their energy levels. Most of the time pain makes a person want to slow down so they do not want contact. At times, touch only serves to increase the levels of inflammation and make the situation worse. This begs the question ‘can massage make arthritis worse?’

Until recently, not a lot was known concerning whether massage seemed to work efficiently, but relevant research shows that it can affect the body’s production of particular hormones related to anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate. Regular massage of the joints and muscles regardless of whether it is a licensed therapist at a spa or self-massage at home can allow for significant pain reduction. The exact biochemical mechanism which gears massage relief for osteoarthritis is still being investigated through research shows massage is able to lower cortisol (the “stress hormone”) levels in the body. It also increases serotonin levels. What is evident is that massages work to counter the painful experience of living with arthritis as a condition. Some of the advantages include the following.

Improved Sleep

Arthritis is linked to a lack of sleep. Receiving regular massages assist in the reduction of pain and that assists in restoring sleep.

Improved Joint Mobility

Massages and ortho-therapy and heat therapy have the effects of operating stiff joints and stimulating the levels of blood flow.

Reduced Anxiety

As well as the reduction of pain and the improvement of mobility within the joints, massages are utilized to relax the patients to reduce the levels of anxiety. To live with arthritis can cause high levels of stress and frustration because daily tasks which were simple before now become hard and tiresome. The messages may assist in relieving symptoms but it is crucial to note massages are not going to reduce the inflammation or joint damage as caused by the progression of the illness. For the massage to be effective, it is crucial for the patient to receive them regularly such as once a week. It will go a long way in relieving the pains associated with arthritis, and it can be done once a month thereafter as maintenance.

Targeting Problem Areas

Remedial and lymphatic massages both look for the problem areas and aim to address factors surrounding chronic pain. This technique is best achieved regularly to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Deep tissue massages focus on deeper layers of muscle and other tissue. The massage is typically designed to address severe forms of pain as experienced by arthritis patients. It is important though to be careful with deep tissue massage as it could cause soreness that stays for a long time. The lymphatic massage is ideal in this case because it utilizes light pattern-oriented strokes which drain the fluid into the bloodstream.

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