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Well if you’re looking to indulge two days in a row with relaxation oriented massages there is really no harm in even going twice a day for some light massage sessions to get your stress levels managed and your mindset into the right gear. However when it comes to deep tissue massages or massages intended for rehabilitation from injury the story gets a little murkier. When it comes to how your symptoms progress, the swiftness of your recovery and the pacing of your massage therapy should be left to the specialists with your health in mind. So leave the health-oriented massage stuff to your registered Massage Therapist who’ll customize your appointment schedule to meet your needs.

Daily Massages?

For general wellness and relaxation, you can enjoy a morning and evening massage session every day if you desired. This could even be a recommended plan if you’re suffering from high stress. Regular massage stimulates your body to release hormones that reduce stress and help you feel better in more ways than just loosening up your muscles. Of course, these regular massages should keep your back feeling wonderful and fresh.

When it comes to Swedish or other deep tissue massages though they are best kept to once a week or even just once a month. If you are recovering from an injury your physician will know the best for your specific case and you may even get deep tissue massages targeted for your injury twice a week but its often only weekly as the body needs some time to recover from the soreness that can often be introduced from these targeted therapeutic massages.

This less frequent massage schedule is actually helpful in most cases of musculoskeletal pains to give your body time to heal between sessions and restore tissue that was damaged in the physical injury in the muscle or joint. Healing takes time and it’s not like just getting an 8-hour session will do much more than a 1-hour session with a specialist as there is only so much the body can be worked before you may be doing more harm than good.

How Often Should You Get Massages?

In most people a massage is on an as-needed basis, or as scheduled by your physician. The as-needed schedule will often be every month or even every quarter of the year if you’re living an average sort of life without any injury in need of relief. In the case of active athletes competing or even just living a very active lifestyle for personal reasons, a weekly massage can do wonders on the recovery for the body getting those long-lasting soreness and pains after a marathon or tough sporting competition. 

Of course, the best way to know how often is to ask a professional to help you set up a plan customized for your health condition and way of life to maximize the effects of the massage. Consult with one of our specialists to find the best path to recovery or maintenance of your musculoskeletal health. 

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