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The majority of people, at some time in their life, have experienced muscle cramps, however, for those who haven’t experienced one, a muscle cramp is the involuntary contraction of a muscle that tends to be very uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. These nuisances can typically cause soreness and aching in the affected area for a lasting time after the initial incident, which can be rather uncomfortable to anyone who may suffer from them. Muscle cramps have many possible factors, two of the most common being tight muscles, and dehydration; and sadly, too many people ignore their hydration, and neglect the need to relieve tension in their muscles. 

Massage and Muscle Cramps

Because muscle cramps are often caused by tight muscles, massage therapy is typically one of the most recommended preventative measures or forms of relief. When we receive a massage, the muscle and deep tissue’s tension gets relieved by the skilled hands of a professional massage therapist. This is a particularly efficient way to alleviate patients of their muscle cramps through greatly decreasing the odds of an overly-tense muscle from cramping without notice. Since muscle cramps can leave people with a lasting form of pain or discomfort in the form of soreness, aches, or stiffness, massage therapists have the ability to relieve their patients from the aftermath of these kinds of muscle spasms.

Dehydration and Muscle Cramps

Despite being one of the most common factors to such a common problem, many people overlook their dehydration. Caused by a lack of water intake, being dehydrated will create a deficiency of minerals and other nutrients, as well as increasing the odds of feeling fatigue in your muscles, which may cause them to cramp. 

When well hydrated, a muscle will perform much more efficiently due to the increased amounts of electrolytes in them which will decrease the likelihood of muscle fatigue and strain. Having overworked and fatigued muscles has a high chance of provoking muscle spasms. This makes hydration very important in keeping our muscles free of cramps, however staying hydrated will also improve the results of massage therapy, and therefore reducing the pain find the frequency of muscle cramps both directly and indirectly. When receiving massage therapy, a patient’s muscles will be manipulated and moved by the practitioner, and this task becomes far easier and more beneficial to the recipient when their muscles are well hydrated. 

To sum up, muscle cramps are involuntary spasms and contractions in muscles that many people suffer from, that is caused by many factors, including a lack of hydration, and tight muscles. Hydration and massage therapy can be very helpful in reducing the frequency of, and in reducing the pain caused by muscle cramps. Luckily for readers of our blog, Modoma massage services would like to offer to you the ability to take advantage of our special introductory massage package. When you’re ready to experience the changes that it can offer for you by reducing muscle cramp’s pain significantly or by eliminating them from your life entirely, make sure to use this offer. We’re here to help improve the overall quality of your life, and the introductory package is an excellent first step.

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