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While in a previous blog post we discussed the causes of neck tension – how basic activities and daily routines can make your neck stiff and painful – but we didn’t really go into much detail about how that tension can have an impact on your life from moment to moment or as a whole. This impact actually can go far beyond simply making you uncomfortable due to the tension itself. From home to work, and even in your leisure time, neck tension can leave you with some serious problems that are much worse than just some physical discomfort. 

Neck Tension and Stress

Most people already know that stress can lead to physical discomfort, and one of the most prominent types of discomfort brought on by stress is neck tension. However, what people may not think about is that their neck tension is also another factor that can lead to much higher stress levels than normal. This makes neck tension and stress a cyclical process where one makes the other worse until each issue is remedied in some way. 

As we all know, though, stress can be impossible to eliminate – especially if you have a boss or co-worker you’re not very fond of. However, there are a number of ways that you can get rid of neck tension without much effort on your end, which is discussed in the post “What Causes Neck Tension? (linked above). 

Neck Tension Can Affect Your Relationships

Where things get much less intuitive is when you start taking into consideration how neck tension can impact external aspects of your life. Most notably, this is in reference to the way this ailment hurts your personal and professional relationships. When you’re dealing with neck tension, you just don’t feel like yourself. The pain and discomfort will leave you in a perpetual state of frustration, and a lot of that will leak out while you are interacting with the people in your life. This is even more apparent when your small pet peeves show up while you’re suffering from neck tension – your reactions won’t be proportionate to whatever you consider as annoying infractions. 

It’s not uncommon for people with neck pain to wind up screaming at loved ones because someone spilled a bit of their drink, chewed with their mouth open, didn’t put away something the right way, or for any other somewhat minor offense. Sure, everyone can have a bit of a freak-out moment when they’re having a rare bad day, but neck tension turns every day bad, which means their loved ones have to suffer as well. 

Dealing With Neck Tension Outside of the Home

That pain and discomfort doesn’t go away just because you have important things to do, either. It can turn any situation into a terrible time, even if you’re just trying to spend some time relaxing or having fun. 

When it comes to trying to work while you’re experiencing neck tension, though, things can get downright maddening. If you already get frustrated with Kevin because he’s not completing his projects on time or the right way, neck tension is going to make you hate the guy. And if you’re dealing with clients or customers, one moment of pain and frustration can mean losing your job altogether. 

You can’t afford to let your neck pain ruin your life. It’s time to let a professional take care of your tension. 

Neck Tension Relief Through Massage

Don’t let your suffering go on any longer than it has to. Massage can go a long way in helping treat both the physical affliction as well as much of the underlying stress that may have caused the pain. 

At Modoma, we’re ready to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world through a variety of massage techniques in a peaceful, quiet environment. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can help melt your neck tension away. 

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