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Some people report that they feel more energetic after receiving a massage, and that sounds a little bit counterintuitive considering a massage is probably one of the most relaxing and calming things possible. Well, it is true that people do feel more energetic as a result of massage, it’s also true that massage doesn’t directly contribute energy – but instead influences other factors that influence our energy. So can massage increase your energy? Yes, indirectly by increasing circulation, reducing stress, reducing fatigue, alleviating pain, calming depression, improving the quality of our sleep and the strength of our immune system. So while you may not get up from the massage table with a burst of energy, you should experience a lingering boost of energy and health throughout the week.

So how can different types of massage affect your energy and fatigue?

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage:

These massage styles that are well known to most people who’ve spent some time on the table. Swedish massage utilizes long, gliding strokes along muscle groups that help promote blood circulation while deep tissue massage uses cross-fiber friction as a way to break up adhesion in muscles, and other techniques as well that help lengthen and stretch out muscles, fibers and release trigger points and knots. These styles both have the benefit of reducing pain and stress while increasing the quality of future rest. If your rest is being upset by muscle aches and cramps than a deep tissue massage can be a quick ticket to a restful night while removing the lingering pain throughout your day to help you be more spry and chipper. If you're not experiencing any disruptive muscle pain through a typical Swedish massage also will relieve some pain and is excellent for melting away stress.

Ischemic Compression

Ischemic compression utilizes some of the techniques of a deep tissue massage to release trigger points in your muscles. By releasing your muscle tension after a good workout you can reduce the number of aches you feel as a result, how quickly you recover and can bounce back. By getting an ischemic compression massage shortly after a good workout you help your body get ready to reach peak performance again as soon as possible.

More generally this can also apply to sports massage, as it is designed to help aid in muscle recovery and it’s certainly easier to be energetic when it doesn’t hurt to move around!

More specific styles of massage to types of energy-boosting factors aren’t really conclusive, but studies and clinical trials have followed the effects of massage on the reduction of pain and found proof of the hypothesis. This reduction of pain causes a cascade effect of improvements in emotional well being, relaxation and sleep. By removing chronic pain we allow our body to recover more easily from fatigue and move on.

Your lack of energy could be coming from a non-physical source such as depression or stress. Both of which are either reduced by massage or at least have their symptoms alleviated. By reducing the symptoms of depression and stress you uplift yourself out of chronic malaise and low energy allowing you to feel like you can go out there and get things done.

If you want a chemical-free way to get a boost in your daily energy throughout the week, you definitely should consider booking an appointment and testing these effects for yourself. 

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