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A sedentary lifestyle has become the norm with the modern world. We sit while we study, we sit while we work, we sit while we drive, and eat, and for many forms of entertainment too. Unfortunately locking our body into this sitting position so long actually trains our muscles to accommodate that exact posture but weakens them for other purposes. This means that over time without regular exercise, our sedentary lifestyles actually change our muscle structure warping our natural “relaxed” posture away from what is normal for a human.

This improper posture can lead to a myriad of health problems from muscle and joint pain to arthritis and even a decreased ability to breathe deeply. These muscle pains from muscles being trained to shorten or lengthen to be comfortable during our long sitting sessions can actually become quite troublesome, and as they linger they actually encourage your posture to worsen into a more extreme condition as your body naturally avoids the pain of more normal posture.

This pain associated with trying to correct posture is a sign that you may need to take some deep tissue massage sessions to help loosen up the tight muscles that have atrophied and shortened from years of neglect and need to be stretched back out into working order in order to operate without pain and cramps and stiffness. 

By loosening up your muscles and alleviating the muscle pains you are then more readily able to practice proper posture without having to suffer through trying to correct your posture through the pain. You can also then more easily transition into exercise or stretching to help maintain your body’s health and muscle balance without risking yourself a sports injury from pulling a shortened muscle.

In fact, there is a whole myriad of benefits from going in for deep tissue massage such as:

  • Reducing or getting rid of troublesome muscle and joint pain
  • Increasing mobility of muscles and joints
  • Improving your natural posture naturally allowing you to live a comfortable life and no longer having to suffer being a swayback or hunchback
  • Stretches out underused muscles so they can balance out to their proper length and allow healthy exercise
  • Improve blood circulation, especially to the area receiving the massage which will help deal with other muscle pains like those associated with post-workout aches and pains
  • Reduce stress and help eliminate stress-based headaches and migraines that come as a result of spinal tension
  • Help you feel more energized and less fatigued as your body moves with a normal healthy grace that makes just living easier and less exhausting.

So with all the benefits, you shouldn’t hesitate to try it now and schedule a deep tissue massage to get your body feeling better and working like it just went through a visit to a good mechanic. If this will be your first time visiting a Modoma location, make sure to check out our special introductory prices!

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