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Calf cramps or charlie horses as they are also often referred to as can be a real persistent pain for some. They can come on without warning and leave your entire leg almost paralyzed for up to ten minutes. Even when the cramps subside the lingering pain can last all day or even several days after the event of the cramp.

There are a few things you can try during the event of a sudden calf cramp. One of which is attempting a Swedish massage style treatment on yourself working in long strokes to help promote circulation in the locking muscles. Localized heating can work if you can get access to a hot pad or can make it to your shower to get some direct hot spray onto the location of the cramp to promote flow and relax the muscles.

If you have frequent and recurring cramps in your calves or other regions you should get in contact with a medical professional or massage therapist who can help you reduce or even remove the occurrence of these cramps through the regular treatment of massage therapy in either Swedish massage style or deep tissue massage. Three twenty minute massages a week for a month is usually enough to provide long term relief from frequent occurrences of calf cramps. But before you resort to that there are other health remedies you should try. Like ensuring that you drink enough water every day to keep your muscles hydrated, to get enough regular exercise and to get a good stretch session before every strenuous activity. Calf cramps usually are the result of the shortening of the tendons in our legs and keeping them regularly stretched out will help ensure that you’ll suffer the cramps less often.

Muscle knots are often painful just like cramps and are the result of muscle fibers or the bands of fiber under them become tense or tightened leaving hard lumps in the muscle tissue that either is “Active” meaning they cause constant pain or “latent” meaning they have pain triggered by touch or the use of the muscle. Either way, these knots are often caused by the same conditions that cause cramps.

If you have frequent occurrences of chronic cramps or muscle knots, then you should:

  • Make efforts to get up and move around if you live a sedentary lifestyle
  • Ensure you stretch every once in a while and definitely take the time to stretch before any strenuous workout sessions.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and help your body dispose of waste that causes muscle pains.
  • Ensure your diet contains all the vitamins that your body needs.
  • Address your posture as the way you may be sleeping or sitting while you work can contribute to chronic and triggered pains like knots and cramps.
  • And finally, get in contact with a massage therapist to see if deep tissue or Swedish massage helps alleviate your pains.

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