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Trauma is how our brain reacts to events that distress us at a deeper level, and as people live their lives, it becomes more and more likely that they will have encountered some form of trauma during their time on earth. PTSD is a mental disorder, caused by extreme trauma, that is usually accompanied by flashbacks, anxiety, and other symptoms that make it harder from its sufferers to go about their lives. Sufferers of PTSD and trauma often seek out different forms of treatment, and one of these happens to be massage therapy, because of its relaxing properties.

When undergoing massage therapy, the practitioner will be able to target problematic areas in their patient’s bodies. Any muscles, tendons, or tissues that have been tensed up will be relaxed, allowing for a release of tension in the body. Since emotions are believed to be stored in the body and its muscle, the targeting of more tense muscles has the ability to release trapped emotions. For those suffering from PTSD or other forms of trauma, this becomes very useful, as it will allow them to experience many emotions that would otherwise stay repressed. The release of emotions during a massage has the ability to trigger various memories and flashbacks within the recipient, which can allow someone struggling with PTSD to learn to cope with and to help heal their trauma. 

Even for people who do not suffer from trauma, massages have the ability to stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine, which help the body to feel better and to reduce cortisol, this allows the body to reduce its levels of stress and increase perceived feelings of relaxation. For sufferers of PTSD, their levels of these hormones are imbalanced, which contributes to their feelings of distress. The release of the previously mentioned hormones will help to balance the hormone levels of those who have to deal with PTSD, which could, in turn, make them feel far better and help them cope with the negative symptoms that accompany their illness.

Due to the intimate nature of massage therapy, symptoms of trauma and PTSD become very relevant and obvious during a massage session, which can encourage sufferers to speak out about what they deal with. Those who suffer from PTSD have been known to break down crying during a session of massage therapy because of their altered response to human touch due to their disorder. This can cause the victim to receive affection and comforting from their massage therapist, and this human affection can be very helpful and powerful to those who suffer from trauma.

Massage therapy has been proven to help victims of PTSD and trauma. This has caused many psychologists and psychiatrists to start to prescribe massage therapy to their patients, seeing great progress in their abilities to cope with their trauma. Together, someone and their massage therapist would be able to work through the repressed memories and traumatic events, as another form of remedy alongside medication and psychotherapy. Not only do we promote the idea that massage is beneficial to those who suffer from PTSD and trauma, we’ve lived it: 

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