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It shouldn’t be news that the sedentary lifestyle offered by working an office job has come with a slew of health-related complications. Spending so much time in a chair can shave years off of our lives by increasing the odds of getting type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, stroke, osteoporosis and even some kinds of cancer.

It’s obvious that lack of activity isn’t good for our health as we need regular cardiovascular exercise to keep ourselves healthy. We also need to exercise our muscles and put a strain on our system for maintaining strength and keeping our bones strong.

Take Your Breaks Outside

Furthermore, office environments are infamous for being full of bacteria that get circulated all throughout the building and ventilation. Just stepping outside can get you into the air up to 5 times less contaminated than the filtered in office air. And that’s not even getting into how keyboards are often found to be more bacteria-infested than the restrooms with high chances of carrying E Coli and other bacteria causing serious food poisoning. So if you planned on snacking at your desk we hope it wasn’t finger food. These contamination issues are made worse by the sedentary style causing a weakening of the immune system.

So all of the above is just from being in the office, but matters can get worse if your work environment is not ergonomically optimized. There are so many chronic aches and pains that can be caused by sitting in the office chair all day that could be prevented by more health-conscious decisions in posture and office equipment. These posture-related problems can cause chronic soreness and pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs and lower legs all grouped under the term postural fatigue. And then repeated tasks done at the work computer can cause repetitive strain injuries causing steady pain or discomfort in the muscles and tendons. 

How You’re Sitting

There are basic posture guides like keeping your monitor at eye level so you don’t have to crane your neck and keep it nice and vertical as well as keeping your keyboard at hanging elbow level so that your arms can be supported by armrests at the elbow and extended out comfortably to the keyboard. This can be further improved by using a standing desk which will give your legs some work to do throughout the day alleviating many different problems of the office job while only taking some getting used to. By standing at the computer you help improve posture, maintain strength in your core and legs, maintain cardiovascular health and improve the immune system

Keep Moving

Other advice to follow is to make joint and body movements as regular as possible. You shouldn’t sit static for more than 8 minutes before shifting your posture. You should be getting up and moving around at least once every hour. And if you have the option to walk instead of an easier alternative, you probably should walk, like instead of taking the elevator or heading to a coworkers cubicle instead of calling or emailing them. It’s also always worth it to go outside for a walk during your lunch break if you’ve got something easy to eat on the move like a sandwich or granola or other easy clean finger foods.

If you’ve already been working in the office for a while it’s likely that you’ve already acquired some chronic pain symptoms in your muscles, bones or tendons, which can always be alleviated in some way. Posture related problems are always a good reason to go for a massage or chiropractic adjustment… or both even as they work better in tandem. You can relieve the posture-related soreness, get a good dopamine rush and even improve your immune system through the power of a massage. Contact us today to experience just how good it can be for yourself. 

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