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Sleep is a natural part of life. It lets you function properly, get to work on time, and helps get you energized and ready for the day. Food is also a necessity in life. Keeping yourself well fed gives you energy and even leads to social encounters. 

However, as everyone knows, some foods are absolutely unhealthy and have no nutritional value. Still, did you know that some foods will actually disrupt your sleep patterns? Today, we’re here to discuss some surprising foods that will lead to a bad night’s sleep. Well-known high-caffeine products aside, like coffee and sodas, obviously won’t be discussed here since most people already know about those product’s power to mess with your ability to rest.

Foods That Ruin Your Sleep

Dark chocolates or other heart-healthy chocolates aren’t as bad as milk chocolates when it comes to general wellbeing, of course, but darker bars of chocolate can have surprising amounts of caffeine in them. Some bars can even have up to 80 milligrams, which is about as much caffeine in a can of Red Bull! Just keep in mind that the darker the chocolate, the more caffeine it will usually contain.

Vegetables are, of course, good for you. That’s a known fact everywhere. However, while raw vegetables may leave you refreshed, they take quite a while to digest. While this is happening, your digestive system will disrupt your brain chemistry. Your brain perceives the digestion as the idea that you should still be awake since you “just ate”. This can hold true even if you only ate a few baby carrots an hour before you went to bed.

Tomatoes and aged cheese are both relatively good for you and are tasty snacks (at least to some people). However, both of these foods are rich in an amino acid called tyramine, which triggers your brain into thinking it’s wide awake when actually yearning for sleep. This happens because those triggers cause the release of a chemical called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine boosts brain activity and, in turn, hinders sleep.

Drinking water is generally a good idea, as it hydrates your body and keeps you alive. However, drinking lots of water or any liquid right before you head to bed isn’t exactly the best idea. Of course, this is just common sense to most adults – you don't want to be waking up a few times in the middle of the night just to go to the bathroom.

If you are looking to improve your sleep patterns, cutting out these foods, especially late at night, can be an excellent way to start getting better rest. Nevertheless, there are a number of foods that will disrupt your sleep schedule other than those discussed here, so be sure to do additional research, especially if you have a habit of snacking before bed or in the middle of the night. You never know, your favorite midnight snack may be the reason you can’t stay asleep for more than a couple hours.

Achieving Better Relaxation

If you already watch what you eat before bed and have cut caffeine out of your diet, but you’re still having a hard time relaxing, it might be time to get a massage. The massage therapists at Modoma are here to help you achieve the height of relaxation and comfort. An early evening massage can make all the difference in helping you finally get a full night of sleep. 

When you’re ready to give medically-integrated massage a try, make sure to take advantage of our special introductory massage package. You’ll save money and get the best massage possible!  

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