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Eat This, NOT THAT: Easy Snack Substitutions

Everyone knows the feeling: In the middle of the day or night, suddenly you have to have a snack. Cravings can be hard to fight off, but giving in to them doesn't have to be bad for you. It's easy to substitute healthy snacks for unhealthy ones. Try these, and your body will thank you for it!

1: Craving sugary sweets? If you are, what your body is really telling you is that it needs chromium, sulfur and tryptophan. To fill that need in a way that's good for you, swap out the candy dish for snacks like broccoli, cranberries, grapes or kale.

2: Love your carbs? Here, your body is sending you a message that it needs nitrogen. Instead of bread or pastries, try beans, mushrooms, oatmeal or spinach.

3: Have an urge to consume a fatty snack like French fries? What you really need is calcium. And there are lots of better ways to get that than through fattening fries. How about trying some almonds, broccoli, kale, oranges, sesame seeds or spinach? You may not like the taste of all of them, but at least some should appeal to you.

4: Tempted to reach for a salty snack like potato chips? That means your body is asking you for some chloride. A better way to get that is to opt for celery, lettuce, olives, seaweed or tomatoes.

5: After a long day, is your body counting down the minutes until happy hour? This too is a signal. Instead of reaching for alcohol, give your body the protein, calcium, and potassium it needs by snacking on bananas, broccoli, kale, legumes or oatmeal.

Making these simple swaps might be challenging at first. But once you build them into your daily routine, they become healthy habits that will keep your body and mind refreshed. And remember, maintaining a healthy body is a key step in achieving total body wellness. Making healthy food swaps is one of the best ways to make sure you're keeping your body healthy, because it not only adds healthy habits to your life, but it also subtracts unhealthy ones. More important, it helps minimize the level of unhealthy substances in your body. You can enhance that effect even more by getting regular massages, which help break down toxins so your body will function better!

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