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We offer integrated health care, focusing on your specific needs. Reduce stress. Alleviate pain. Optimize your health.

(And yes, we accept insurance.)

Learn How to Optimize My Life

Health Care … The Right Way

You are unique. Your health care should be too. That’s why our approach to health care is simple — discover the health issues unique to you and focus on treating the cause, not just the symptoms. This method is the only way to achieve an optimized life.

Maximum Results In No Time

Your care program is structured using the Modoma Integrated Framework™ — a 3-step system of synergistic services implemented throughout the course of your care. Achieve the maximum amount of improvement in the least amount of time. Discover. Integrate. Optimize.

We Accept Insurance

Taking care of your health shouldn’t be stressful. To help with the cost of treatments, we accept all major insurance providers.

Michelle C.

“My neck and shoulders feel so much better. I just wish I would have come here before I had shoulder surgery because I think my pain could have taken care of without surgery.”

– Michelle C.

Mike D.

“I got the sports massage and the therapist was very informative as she demonstrated the at-home stretches to do between massage appointments. I have noticed a huge difference in my range of motion!”

– Mike D.

Andrea B.

“After more than a decade with hip pain and IT band pain, I can finally say I’ve found something that actually works!”

– Andrea B.

Health ... the Ultimate Gift

Show your friends and loved ones how much you care. Spread the health.

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Self Aftercare Following a Sports Massage

A sports massage can offer an incredible way to help the body recover after such vigorous physical activity. But while there are a number of benefits of a receiving a sports massage from a certified sports massage therapist, there are a few things you will want to do during the day or two following one of these massages to make sure those benefits last as long as possible after receiving one.

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Back Pain

What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

Unlike most of the other forms of massage, deep tissue massage is designed to specifically treat issues that you might have with your musculoskeletal system. Where therapeutic style massages will primarily focus on relaxation through somewhat gentle touch (depending on the style, of course), deep tissue massage benefits users by focusing more on the muscle, connective tissue, and other parts of the musculoskeletal system through deep, slow pressure.

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Relieving Migraine Headaches With Massage

As you likely already know, migraine headaches (and quite a few other types of headaches) are often tied to high-stress levels and tension felt in and around one’s back, spine, and neck. The pain is often throbbing and can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms that affect sufferers in a few different ways.

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Modoma is a medically directed health and wellness clinic providing physical medicine and rehabilitation. We combine the benefits of massage with the medical practicality of physical therapy.

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